Google Search Results to Google Docs Spreadsheet


The guys at Seer Interactive put together a fantastic tool for extracting the results from a Google SERP and putting them straight into a Google Spreadsheet. It’s been great, but one thing has always bugged me and that’s the inability for it to handle pages. One of my most common uses of the tool is to cross reference the pages indexed by Google ( with all pages linked to within the site structure. In order to get the full list from Google though, going through a few pages of results is a requirement for a site with a few hundred indexed pages.

So I’ve updated Seer’s code to add a few new features:

  • Set a page offset
  • Return news or images results instead of web
  • Set a timeframe for the search

The updated Google Spreadsheet is here. All you need to do is ‘Make a Copy’ from the ‘File’ menu and fill in the blanks.


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