Comparison of VPS Options in Australia

I’m currently in the middle of a project that requires VPS hosting physically located in Australia. I currently have a VPS in Tokyo, New York, California and Amsterdam with Linode and Digital Ocean, but one in Australia is new to me. It’s just a proof of concept initially so I’m looking at fairly low spec’ed instances, but I thought I would share my research:

1:1 Real Time Email Personalisation


This is something I’ve been thinking over for almost 12 months, and I’ve finally tweaked it to the point where I’m happy to share. The question in my mind was:

Can you present dynamic content on a 1:1 basis to a user in an email based on their location, device, time of day and more?

Suppose someone (who all you knew was their email address) happened to open your email on an android phone, in Sydney, 2 days after you sent your email campaign. Would you want to show him anything different to someone in Brisbane, on a Desktop machine, 2 days earlier? Of course!

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Varying Anchor Text WordPress Plugin


I was really interested in this post from Mike King on varying anchor text for embedded infographics yesterday. A comment was made that it would make a great wordpress plugin, and I agree.

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Google Search Results to Google Docs Spreadsheet


The guys at Seer Interactive put together a fantastic tool for extracting the results from a Google SERP and putting them straight into a Google Spreadsheet. It’s been great, but one thing has always bugged me and that’s the inability for it to handle pages. One of my most common uses of the tool is to cross reference the pages indexed by Google ( with all pages linked to within the site structure. In order to get the full list from Google though, going through a few pages of results is a requirement for a site with a few hundred indexed pages. Continue reading →

Site SEO and Spelling Checker


I’ve been working on a project on and off for the past year to create an SEO Tool that I couldn’t find anywhere else. I wanted to create something that ticked the following four boxes:

  1. Automatically and instantly crawl a site, not just give results on a single page
  2. Check for common problems like missing titles, meta descriptions etc
  3. Check for spelling mistakes on both the pages and meta description (the latter I see as very important, but often overlooked)
  4. Be an online solution, I want to be able to run it on my iPad or even my phone

There’s a few solutions that come close. The terrific Screaming Frog, which unfortunately doesn’t do spellchecking and isn’t hosted, and Deep Trawl, which does check spelling (really well too) but isn’t self hosted. There’s similar hosted tools like SEOMoz, but they won’t run on demand in realtime.

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